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Lance Glasser Artist Statement

In all my passions and professions I have found a recurring theme. This theme is an integrative view of the natural order, on which I try to expand. I am fascinated by structure, whether mathematical, sculptural, physical or business. I have a tendency to seek the simplifying decisive path. In my drawings this tendency manifests in hard blacks and whites; in my sculpture as bold surfaces and unapologetic structure.

Yet I also have a passion for textures and detailing that invites one to push past that first decisive statement and explore the subtleties of a more complex reality. Abstractions are, in one sense, models of the world. They can be powerful or beautiful, but they are always limited for the same reason that they are powerful, they simplify. There is always more to the story. In my art I try to help the viewer access the "more."

I am drawn to fantastical themes and they often show up in my art. Indeed, almost all of my older artwork revolves around fantasy and science fiction. Today, I am as likely to choose a non-fantasy theme, but one never knows where something unexpected and otherworldly will sneak in.

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